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FUZN stakers use their staked FUZN to vote on governance proposals. Fuzion uses the standard CW3 Governance Contract as per here. A proposal cannot pass until it has exceeded Quorum.

One staked FUZN counts as one eligible vote, and the total staked FUZN is recorded at the time the proposal is created. A vote is cast using all of the staked FUZN in that address. An address cannot vote with a portion of their staked FUZN. An address may only vote once on a proposal, and may only choose one option to vote for in a proposal. A vote cannot be rescinded or changed after it has been submitted. FUZN staked after the proposal is created does not count towards the vote.

Quorum is reached when 20% of the eligible vote is cast. The sum total of votes for Yes, No, Veto and Abstain must exceed 20% for quorum to be reached. Proposals that fail to reach quorum when the vote window expires are rejected.

Voting Options

  • Yes. A vote in support of the proposal.
  • No. A vote to reject the proposal.
  • Veto. A vote to reject the proposal, with the option to introduce other consequences.
  • Abstain. An acknowledgement of the vote and participation in order to assist in reaching quorum without adding to the totals of the Yes, No or Veto options.

Passed Scenarios

Passed Scenario 1

Quorum is met. Yes votes exceed 50% of the sum total of Yes, No and Veto votes.

Example 1


Passed Scenario 2

Abstain votes push total vote numbers over Quorum and the only other votes to take place were Yes. Yes votes alone were not enough for Quorum. Abstain votes only have an effect on Quorum and nothing else in the vote. Yes votes therefore exceed 50% of Yes, No and Veto votes.

Example 2.1


Quorum is met. Yes votes exceed 50% of Yes, No and Veto votes.

Example 2.2


Passed and Executed

Passed Proposals remain in Passed status until the Execute function is called. The Execute function can be called by any connected wallet with sufficient tokens to pay for the Tx of the Gas. Once executed, the Status changes from Passed to Executed and the deposit from a Passed proposal is returned to the proposal creator.


Rejected Scenarios

Quorum is met. The sum total of No and Veto votes is greater than the number of Yes Votes.

Example 1


Quorum is met. The No votes exceed 50% of the sum total of Yes, No and Veto votes

Example 2


Quorum is not met before the Proposal Expiry Date is reached. The sum of Yes, No and Veto votes is irrelevant.