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General Information

This covers the various sections of the Ignition site, describes their function and guides how to use them.

All Deals

The All Deals page shows any published deal. Deals can be in a number of states: Scheduled - The deal has been created but has not yet reached the start Date and Time. A timer shows the remaining hours, minutes and seconds until the deal becomes active.

Active - The deal has passed the start date and time and tokens can be bought. A timer shows the hours and minutes remaining until the deal expires.

Sold Out - A deal has sold all of the tokens offered.

Completed - A deal has expired, but did not sell all of the tokens offered.

To view more info about a deal, click the View button.

Deal Detail Page

Each deal has a vanity URL with a unique deal ID. This can be seen in the URL, which can be copied by clicking the share icon in the top right corner.

The globe icon next to the share icon hyperlinks to the project’s preferred source of further info provided by the maker when they create the deal.

The sale name and status is displayed at the top of the page, along with a brief description of the project.

Any user can review the project by rating it between 1-5 stars.

Deal Commissions

All commissions earned by Ignition deals are paid to yFUZN stakers. Commission payment is split between the Maker and Takers. The Maker of the deal pays 5% of the purchase denom earned in the sale. This is paid whenever tokens in the deal are sold.

The Taker pays 0.5% of the tokens claimed. This is paid when they claim the tokens they bought.