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Ignition is a sale platform. It’s ideal for early stage raises for new tokens and also a useful mechanism for marketing campaigns, or rewarding supporters. Deal makers create sales for a fixed number of tokens, at a fixed price, for a set period of time. Deal makers specify the purchase denom and set the schedule governing the distribution of tokens to deal takers. Before creating a deal, please familiarise yourself with the process on Testnet.

Please also ensure you have read, understood and accepted our Terms and Conditions.

Ignition is aimed at projects, DAOs, protocols and dAPPs who wish to create sales for the public or a bespoke audience.

The following is intended as a guide for teams creating Ignition Deals and participants buying tokens. If teams are experiencing difficulty or require further guidance, please reach out by creating a support ticket on our Discord Server.

There are three sections in this doc: General Information, Participating in a sale and Creating a sale.