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Creating a Flow

Creating a flow requires a Kujira address, with tokens for gas, and holding the token to be sent to the recipient.

Recipient : the full address the tokens are sent to.

Token Denom: The token you are sending to the recipient.

Quantity : The total number of tokens placed in the flow.

Schedule Start Date : The date on which the flow will start. This must be a date in the future, Flows cannot have a start date in the past.

Days until claims starts : The number of days between the start of the schedule and when the recipient may start claiming. This is sometimes referred to as a “cliff”. Claimable tokens will accumulate during this period as per the flow’s parameters, but will only be claimable once this period is complete.

Length of Flow : The total number of days the flow lasts for. The number of days from the schedule start to the end of the flow. Tokens will release linearly over the duration of this period. Submit : Click submit once you have entered all details.

Review and Proceed : Review the details before proceeding. After the proceed button is clicked and the Tx is approved, there is no way to edit the details of the flow. A flow cannot be cancelled, nor the tokens in the flow recalled or refunded. All confirmations are final.

Once a flow is created, it will appear in the Outflows tab of the dispenser and the Inflows tab of the recipient, with a status that reflects whether it is pending, active or complete.