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Dust Butler

To enable Dust Butler, choose your preferred settings, click enable and approve the Tx. The indicator will switch from Inactive to Active. To deactivate an Active Dust Buster, click the disable button and approve the Tx.

Dust Butler settings can be updated by clicking the update button, choosing new settings, and enabling.

  1. Swap To: Choose the Token you want the Butler to convert your claim to.
  2. Frequency: Choose to execute the process weekly or monthly.
  3. Type: Choose which service to use; FIN or Mantaswap.
  4. Choose the slippage you are prepared to accept. There is no default selected.
  5. Status: This will display as Active when Dust Buster is being used by a wallet, and Inactive when it is not.

Once enabled, Dust Butler will make an initial claim within an hour of being active. It will then follow the schedule selected by the user.

The info below the detail fields will show the Time of the TX, Status as a Success or Failure, and the Sources rewards were collected from (KUJI, MNTA, yFUZN or Bow staking).