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Introduction to Dust Buster

Dust Buster provides easy access to quick and convenient token swaps and claiming of rewards. It has 3 sections: Balances, Rewards and Dust Butler.

It can be found here.

Important Terms

Swap Route

Choose between Manta or FIN. Choosing Manta uses routes determined by Mantaswap. Manta will receive fees from the transactions. Choosing FIN will let Dust Buster configure routes through FIN directly.


If any part of a route cannot proceed because it exceeds the preferred slippage maximum chosen by the user, the whole transaction will fail, and none of the swaps will complete. Options are 1, 5 and 10%. The default setting is 1%.


Clears all the settings and starts again with all settings returned to default.

Large Balances

Toggles whether balances above $5 are displayed or not. Large balances are hidden by default.

Max All

Set the token quantity to swap to the maximum balance for all tokens eligible. It is only enabled when Large Balances are hidden.